Pedro Marvão

Pedro Marvão

CEO & Founder


Communication Course – CEFOS (year 1993)

Marketing and Advertising Course – Escola dos Mestres (1993-1995)

Degree in Law from Universidade Lusíada with a final average of 14 values ​​(years from 1995 to 2000).

Postgraduate course in Communication and Audiovisual Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, whose core content has been translated in the areas of Information Technology and Personal Data Protection, Copyright Law, Advertising and Consumer Law and Communication and Audiovisual, with the final average of 14 values ​​(academic year 2001/2002).



Coordinator of the travel assistance team of the insurance company Gesa-Assistance (which belongs to the Union Assurances de Paris group and AXA in the years 1989-90 to 1994);

Coordinator of the travel assistance team of Seguradora Cares (at the time with the Administrator Dr. Nuno Lino and currently of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos group from 1995 to 1999);

Collaboration with the company QUEVIDEO, CRL, audiovisual company, in the exercise of the following functions (Years 1999 and 2000):

– executive production of an ethnological documentary entitled “Rebels at the End of the Times” filmed in Cape Verde;

– marketing of television formats for various television, cable and satellite channels (FRANCE 2, DISCOVERY NETWORKS, TV 2 Española and HISTORY);

– Marketing direction; and

– Legal consulting, in the scope of Copyright, Commercial Law, Trademarks and Patents, among others.

– Registration in the Portuguese Bar Association and practicing law as a trainee at the law firm Karim Vakil & Associados (year 2000), developing the following activities:

– Participation in the collaboration of oil profit sharing agreements in Angola, Luanda (PSA’s – Block 34, among others);

– Development of several protocols of understanding (memorandum of understanding) with countries called PALOPS;

– Preparation of opinions on trademarks and patents (Industrial Property);

– Elaboration of contracts in the civil, commercial and labor areas;

– Elaboration of procedural documents, in the scope of civil, commercial, criminal and labor litigation; and

– Follow-up of book-entry and register acts, with the inherent instruction.


Teaching, at the invitation of the regent of the marketing chair of the ISLA Marketing and Advertising Course, of several franchising classes in this same educational establishment (years 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007).

Elaboration of legal opinions, the request of a pharmaceutical company, in the area of ​​Information Technology, namely, with regard to the Protection of Personal Data (year 2002).

Elaboration of legal opinions, at the request of J.E. Dias Costa, in the area of ​​Copyright, in particular the legal regime of moral rights in Portugal (year 2003).

Participation as a founding partner in a law firm in Lisbon, Portugal, whose preferably in the areas of Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law (eg Franchising, Banking, Bankruptcy, registration and notarial acts), Labor Law, Copyright and Related Rights, Advertising Law and Information Technology Law, whose structure is composed of three lawyers who adopted the name “Mendes, Benamor Marvão, Garcez Antunes & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados” (from 2000 to 2010).

Appointment as legal adviser to the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Congo (2005).

Appointment as legal adviser of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Portugal-Luanda (since 2010) in collaboration with Dr. Pedro Coelho da Silva.

Experience in Mozambican law and collaboration in a law office in Maputo during my stay in Mozambique, in which I worked in the areas of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Societies, Foreign Investment Law, Health Law and Constitutional Law (year 2011).

Member of the Board of Directors and shareholder of a Portuguese Commercial Law Society “Ideias Agrupadas S.A.”, from 2012 to the present date.

Legal Adviser and Partner of a German company “Angogerman Group Consulting” based in Frankfurt from January 2017 until  today.

Legal Adviser and Brand Ambassador of REDD (Royal Exclusive Diamonds Dealers DMCC of Royal Family of Dubai) with head offices at Dubai (year 2017).

Expert in Africa Business Strategy Development (year of 2017).

Diplomatic and Economic Mission as Legal Adviser to Uganda, Kampala (invitation by the Minister of Finances and State of Republic of Uganda) to develop and financial assist the following Top Priority Projects of the Agenda 2018 – 2025:

  1. Recapitalization of banking  through the Uganda Development Bank (UDB), namely focused on investment and trade credit, in the amount of 150M USD;
  2. b)Central Electric Power Production (320 MW), through PPP, in the amount of 600M USD;
  3. c)Road infrastructures, with completion before the pipe-line starts, in the amount of 600M USD and with collateral (including project and amortization) of crude/oil for a certain period of time. (July 2017)


Member of The Board and Legal Adviser of LipCoin (year 2018).



Deputy Secretary-General of CNAF (NATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF PORTUGUESE FAMILIES), an organization within the framework of the United Nations, in which the following activities (since 2001) are highlighted:

– design and contacts for the implementation of the “INDEPENDENCIAS” project and the training project in the area of ​​prevention for citizens of Angola and Mozambique;

– elaboration of project and conclusion of protocol with the Ministry of Science and Technology in the area of ​​Computer and New Technologies Training inserted in POSI (Operational Information Societies Program), among others;

Secretary of the General Assembly of  “Tito Morais Association” (year 2014 and 2015 and elected to the social bodies for the same function as secretary of the general assembly for the three-year period from 2016 to 2018).



ENGLISH – spoken and written (fluent)

FRENCH – spoken and written (fluent)

SPANISH – spoken and written (fluent)

ITALIAN – spoken


  • MS / DOS Operating System







Sports (surfing, tennis, swimming and skiing)